By-Pass the Volitile Stock Market with Commodities Trade

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Greetings Investors,

With the steady decline of the real estate market, the second trust deed dump and the volatile stock market – only the savviest of investors know how to proceed, and even then it’s a bit of a land mine. The Los Angeles Times posted today over 31,000 foreclosures in California within the three months that ended December 31st. There doesn’t seem to be an end in site at present – and today as well, the international markets took a huge dive due to the ailing US economy. This is best to watch from your couch – not so much if your money is in the game!

With that in mind, I have a secret-missile investment opportunity for you. Private Placement by Referral Only ~


This program is a commodity pool traded daily on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. We have three traders in Salt Lake who work for us utilizing proprietary software that has a 2.5% stop loss order. Only 8-12% percent of the investor’s money is at risk at any given time. The trading is e-mini (electronic mini trades) and there are anywhere from 200 to as many as a 1,000 trades a day electronically. You can be in and out of a trade in under a minute. The algorithm driven software can anticipate if the trade is going to lose money and get out of a losing trade. The traders pick the basket of commodities for the day and manage the software. This system is designed to take a lot of little bites thereby minimizing risk. The process is known as scalping, where you capture lots of little market movements. The gross daily profit is split 60/40 between the Investor and the Investment Group. Additionally there are joint venture fees between the Investor and the Referring Consultant (Surya Assets, Ltd.) which nets a 45% return to the Investor/15% to the Referring Consultant/40% to the Investment Group.

The Returns are steady

The gross pool return has been between 1.31% and 1.82% per day with 95% or better between 1.44% and 1.68%. The average has trended right at 1.53 – 1.55%. This is the return to the pool before any profit splits and joint venture. The return to the investor after profit split is approximately .7-.8% per day. The pool is closed out daily and profits accrue to all parties daily. (A 14-16% R.O.I per month) All earnings and fees are assigned on a daily basis.

Your Member Web-Site tracks your Earnings

When you, the Investor, come into the system, you are given a login and password for private access to your account. You can check the progress of your investment daily. The website gives daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports as well as showing deposits and withdrawals.

Funds are Liquid

Any investor can withdraw money simply by requesting via telephone, fax, or email. Funds will be wired within thirty minutes to three hours to the destination of the investor’s choice at no cost. Both principal and interest are available at any time.


**$25,000 minimum, no maximum

**Wire transfer only

**Signed legal contracts to protect all parties

** Direct contact with in-office consultant

**Absolutely no Forum posting, or you are dropped from the program

**Always invest at your own Risk/Ratio

**Enjoy your Steady Returns

To obtain prospectus on the Daily Trade Program please follow these instructions:

Email Surya Assets @ surya_ltd@yahoo.com Please put Daily Trade Request in the subject line. Include your Name, Email, Address and Phone number – (completely private, for my files only to verify your ID) I will send program info, contracts and consultant info at Investor Office which is located in Southern California, USA. I will also give you a code number that identifies you as a referral from Surya Assets.

(2) 1-M Program, in Development

Pre-Launch ~ gather the info now

**$1M and above

**Funds don’t leave our account

**expected return of 40%/month

**Investor Groups Welcome

Group of 20 with minimum invest $50,000 each

Group of 10 with minimum $100,000 each

To obtain info regarding the $1M program, please send email to surya_ltd@yahoo.com with $1M Program in the subject line. I will refer you directly to the in-office consultant. Serious Inquiries ONLY!


We wish you much happiness ~





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  1. July 14, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    You should aim to carefully analyze the companies that you want
    to invest in prior to actually investing. You should write down the
    prices of these company’s stock, the date, and the reasons why you are wanting to invest in them. Once you do this, carefully follow the stock. Eventually, you will discover if purchasing the stock would have been a good or bad decision. Over time, you will get better at selecting good businesses. This is when you should actually begin participating in the stock market.

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